Our Story

We're the Scotts!

Justin Scott (a Texas native) and Paige Scott (an Oklahoma native) had a love for Lake Texoma long before they met and began their own love story. Justin grew up on the Preston Peninsula in Pottsboro, TX, catching fish in the company of his Pop Pop, until the hours turned into years. Summers were later shared with mowing lake lawns and spending time at the boat docks with friends.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, Paige’s family could be found in Mead for their annual camping trips at Lakeside (or, if you throwback to 40 years ago, you’d find her mom and grandma both working at The Lodge at Catfish Bay). Married now for 15 years and with four precious kiddos (Foster, Emmett, Oaks, and Moxie), making family memories at and around Lake Texoma is a way of life for the Scotts.

They’ve taken the business of building fourth-generation lake lovers seriously! Creating Texoma Shores Living, with much input from their kiddos, has simply been an extension of the legacy of love and the lake they were raised. The Bible says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above,” and the Scotts are childlike enough to believe Lake Texoma is a gift to families, tourists, and anyone looking to make a memory, try something new, or just breathe more deeply in the beauty of nature—and they’re here for it! TSL is a brand and experience that is an extension of this gift.

Andy Stanley once said, “Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” Jesus often taught his disciples from a boat, with fish, cooking over a campfire, or upon the waters. Justin certainly learned some of his most valuable life lessons from the lectern of a 5-gallon fishing bucket— the humble seat of “The Greatest Generation” shaping his life (and Justin thought they were “just fishing”). As much as the Scott family enjoys Lake Texoma, the best of the lake are the families, friendships, and even faith, that are fortified in doing life together around it. One cast at a time (that hopefully turns into a catch!); one campfire s’more at a time; one new memory at a time. Come say hello sometime! You’re likely to find the Scott crew working onsite if they’re not off making another memory together. “Long live the lake”